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Urban Jungle


Unleash your child's inner athlete.

Start them young! Urban Jungle Studio at KamileonX is dedicated to nurturing young athletes from 2 to 12 years old through fun and challenging fitness activities.


Our structured programs focus on developing strength, flexibility, coordination, and discipline in a supportive environment. *


Children will enjoy a variety of activities that keep them engaged and motivated, while our experienced instructors ensure they are safe and having fun. 


Urban Jungle Programs

Open Gym.png

Open Gym (All Ages)

Move and Learn.png

Move & Learn (1 to 4 Years Old)

Tiger Tots.png

Tiger Tots (2.5 to 5 Years Old)

Jungle Explorers.png

Jungle Explorers (4 to 12 Years Old)

Jungle Friends.png

Jungle Friends (4 to 12 Years Old)


Maverick Squad (6 to 12 Years Old)

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